Jesus Filmmaker
Markko Künk

Mastermind of our marketing. Every task that Markko acquires, he completes successfully. On the side he is also very passionate about making films and taking photos. The last but not the least he is always hungry for new adventures…or burgers, whichever may come to his hands first.

Business Email : markko(at)

Jesus Filmmaker
Georg M. Puhm

Accidentally stumbled into filmmaking and got stuck there. After a long time of on and off relationship with filming he finally committed to his passion. He also doesn’t stray away from traveling as it’s his second most favorite thing to do, you might even call it a passion at that point.

Business Email : georg(at)

Front-End Developer & Web Designer
Kevin Lehtla

Born in the wild, grown up with wolves and crawled it’s way into the digital world from 2000. A designer and developer who’s only chained by the imagination of his own.

Business Email : kevin(at)

Jesus Photographer
Rauno Liivand

I bought a plane ticket to New York when I was 17 and found photography from the rugged streets of Manhattan. And yes! I still live with my parents.

Business Email : rauno(at)